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def lastfm::client::Daemon::__init__ (   self,
  conf = None,
  log = True 

Create something that can hand submissions over to a running
lastfmsubmitd; by default, look for the one defined by the standard
config, but if ``conf`` is supplied, talk to that one.

Reimplemented from lastfm::client::Client.

Definition at line 86 of file client.py.

00086                                                  :
        Client.__init__(self, name, conf, log)
        self.conf.sleep_time = float(self.conf.cp.get('daemon', 'sleep_time',
        self.conf.pidfile_path = self.conf.cp.get('paths', 'pidfile',
            '%s/%s.pid' % (PIDFILE_BASE, self.name))

    def daemonize(self, fork=True):

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